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Join us and experience a scientific community that integrates the disciplines of biomedical engineering, physiology, and computational biology.   Any pathology that affects oxygen delivery to the tissues is studied by members of The Microcirculatory Society. This includes diabetes, obesity, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, stroke, wound healing and others. Further, we focus on mechanisms of action of individual ion channels, through cellular communication and signalling, to sub-organ and organ function. Angiogenesis, lymphatics and lymph flow are also key areas.  Flow properties of the blood, rheology, are examined from the purely physical phenomena of low Re viscous driven 2-phase flow to flow distribution patterns controlled by active/passive changes in vascular resistance found in health and disease.

Regular Members - Academic degree at the doctoral level and evidence of scientific achievement equivalent to at least 3 published papers in peer reviewed journals. The degree requirement may be waived in special circumstances at the discretion of the Membership Committee.  Annual dues are $150US.

If you are a postdoctoral fellow within three years of receiving your degree (Ph.D. or M.D.) you are entitled to a 50% discount on the annual dues.  Please use the discount code, "postdoc" when completing the application form (this field will display after you select Regular Member).

Student Member - Full-time graduate student with an interest in microcirculation research. Annual dues are $30.


Instructions for online application submission: 

1) Place your department or division name in the first address box and the street address or PO box in the address 2 box.

2) Payment is now due at the time of application, you will be asked to complete your credit card information as the last step of the application process.

3) Student member applicants - be sure to give us the name, email and phone number of at least one of your sponsors (supervisor, mentor, lab chief, etc.).  We would also like comments from your mentor.  See fields where it notes "Student applicants only."

4) Regular member applicants - please provide three publications

5) If a required field (such as the Pub fields) is not applicable to your membership type, please enter N/A.

6) Your first year's dues are payable at the time of application.  A member year is January 1 through December 31.  Renewal notices are sent out in late October.

7) Any problems or questions, contact the site administrator.