Microcirculation Journal Awards

The following awards are given each year in recognition of the most highly cited papers published in Microcirculation:

2020 Gerritsen Award (for the most highly cited invited review over the previous 5 year period). 
Title: Macrophages: An Inflammatory Link Between Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis
Author(s): Corliss BA, Azimi MS, Munson JM, Peirce SM, Murfee WL
Source: Microcirculation 23: 95-121, 2016
2020 Wiederhielm Award (for the most highly cited original manuscript over the previous 5 year period). 
Title: Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Maintains Normal Vascular Permeability by Preserving Endothelial Surface Glycocalyx in Intact Microvessels
Author(s): Zhang L, Zeng M, Fan J, Tarbell JM, Curry FE, Fu B
Source: Microcirculation 23: 301-310, 2016

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