Photo of Pooneh Bagher, President-Elect

Pooneh Bagher


Photo of Jerome Breslin, President

Jerome Breslin

Past President

Photo of Miranda Good, Secretary

Miranda Good


Photo of John Chappell, Treasurer

John Chappell


Executive Council Members:

Photo of Josh Butcher, MCS Councilor

Josh Butcher

Councilor (2024)

Photo of Sara Vasconcelos Nunez, MCS Councilor

Sara Nunes Vasconcelos

Councilor (2024)

Photo of Julie Freed, MCS Councilor

Julie Freed

Councilor (2025)

Photo of Joseph Rutkowski, MCS Councilor

Joseph Rutkowski

Councilor (2025)

Photo of Brant Isakson, MCS Councilor

Jose Castorena-Gonzalez

Councilor (2026)

Photo of Arvind Pathak, MCS Councilor

Sanjukta Chakraborty

Councilor (2026)