Highlights by Microcirculation Editors: Jefferson Frisbee and Geraldine Clough

Macrophage recruitment and polarization during collateral vessel remodeling in murine adipose tissue

Authors:  Scott A. Seaman, Yiqi Cao, Chris A. Campbell, Shayn M. Peirce

Autologous adipose tissue grafting is being increasingly used to correct soft tissue trauma defects, congenital disorders, and disease resections, but resorption of grafted adipose tissue is high and unpredictable due to supposed improper vascularization. This study examines microvascular remodeling and macrophage recruitment in adipose tissue following ligation of the epigastric artery feeding the inguinal fat pad. We show that macrophage recruitment and synchronized arteriogenesis are responsible for microvascular changes within the adipose tissue. While macrophage polarization and collateral diameter expansion/arteriogenesis following induced ischemia have been studied extensively in skeletal muscle, we are the first to study these processes in adipose. We hope that this paper will serve as a platform for new studies examining microvascular remodeling within adipose tissue and ultimately improve grafted adipose tissue retention rates.


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