2018 Benjamin W. Zweifach Award: Dr. Steven S. Segal


We sat with Dr. Segal for a quick Q&A session just before his award presentation, "How does blood flow know where to go and how do we learn where to look" at the World Congress of Microcirculation in Vancouver.

MCS: Who was the first person you told after hearing congratulations from Shayn about the award, and why?

SSS: "My wife, Catharine, because she has endured our moves (from CA to MI to VA to PA to CT to MO) in following my career path."

MCS: What is your favorite memory from when you first started your own laboratory?

SSS: "Setting up a hamster cremaster muscle preparation on my brand new microscope and seeing arterioles develop tone in my own laboratory."

MCS: What one piece of advice would you give to a trainee that is just getting their feet wet in our field of microcirculation?

SSS: "Focus on the question that most excites you; learn to deal with critique and rejection as you pursue your goals."