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Anthony Bruce, M.S.


I am a Lab Specialist 4 in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at University of Virginia. I manage the laboratory of Dr. Shayn Peirce-Cottler. I received my M.S. in Biology from James Madison University.

I am currently working on a project evaluating the effects of a modified mRNA on angiogenesis and wound healing in a mouse model of type II diabetes, while exploring the use of boron-based polymeric nanoparticles to serially monitor oxygenation levels in these wounds. In addition, I continue to research hemodynamic and structural changes within microvascular networks during arteriogenesis by coupling confocal and intravital fluorescence microscopy with photoacoustic microscopy in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Song Hu at UVA.

In my spare time, I enjoy running Dungeons & Dragons games for my friends, visiting craft breweries, playing corn hole and croquet, going to metal concerts, and traveling to warm places with beaches.


Posted August 17, 2017