Join us for our Microcirculatory Society Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology 2019, April 6-9 in Orlando, FL!  The abstract submission deadline is on November 14th. Make sure to submit your abstract to one of the MCS topics below (categories 1040-1054).

MCS Posters Categories  

1040-APS       Angiogenesis/microvascular remodeling/injury & repair

1041-APS       Atherosclerosis/thrombosis/platelets

1042-APS       Inflammation/leukocyte-endothelium interactions

1043-APS       Instrumentation, methodology, and experimental models

1044-APS       Ischemia-reperfusion/free radical biology

1045-APS       Lymphatic Function

1046-APS       Microvascular cell signaling pathways

1047-APS       Microvascular development and aging

1048-APS       Microvascular flow regulation/oxygen delivery/networks

1049-APS       Microvascular mechanics/hemodynamics/rheology

1050-APS       Microvascular pathophysiology-pharmacology, therapeutics and translational aspects

1051-APS       Pericytes and Stem Cells

1052-APS       Permeability/fluid & solute exchange/glycocalyx

1053-APS       Tissue-microvessel interactions/extracellular matrix

1054-APS       Vasomotor control: endothelium/smooth muscle/nerves

The Meeting Is Going To Be Great! Check Out a Preview of Our Sessions and Speakers Below.


MCS Annual Meeting Preview

MCS President's Symposium: Clinical Perspectives on the Microcirculation

Chairs: Shayn Peirce-Cottler (University of Virginia) and Asher Mendelson (University of Western Ontario)

  • Why the Microcirculation Matters in Critical Illness - Fong Lam (Baylor College of Medicine)
  • The Cognitive Consequences of Systemic Microcirculatory Injury in Sepsis- Eric Schmidt (UC-Denver)
  • Human Adipose Derived Stems Cells and Therapy - Adam Katz (University of Florida)
  • Microcirculatory Failure as a Common Mechanism of Injury after Stroke-Clinical Insights from Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Large Vessel Occlusion - Yash Kalani (University of Virginia)

Microcirculation`s Contribution to Organ Failure

Chairs: Andreas Beyer (Medica College of Wisconsin) and Carmen Halabi (Washington University in St. Louis)

  • Hydrogen Sulfide is Not Like NO in the Microcirculation - Nancy L. Kanagy University of New Mexico)
  • The Role of Coronary Microcirculation in Development of Cardiomyopathies- Vahagn Ohanyan (Northeast Ohio Medical University)
  • Therapeutic Use of Telomerase for Cardioprotection- Christiane Baer (University of Hannover)
  • Plus Selected Abstracts

Emerging Topics: Adaptation of Microvessels and Lymphatics

Chairs: Jerry Breslin (University of South Florida) and Feilim Mac Gabhann (Johns Hopkins University)

  • Endothelial Calcium Signaling in the Microcirculation in Vascular Disorders - Swapnil Sonkusar (University of Virginia)
  • TRP Channels and Vascular Control - Scott Earley (University of Nevada-Reno)
  • Electrical Signaling in the Cerebral Microcirculation: Insights from Mathematical Models - Nikoloas Tsoukias (Florida International University)
  • Activation of Ano1 by SR Ca2+ Release Underlies the Pressure Dependent Pacemaking of Murine Lymphatic Collecting Vessels - (Scott Zawieja, University of Missouri)
  • The Blood-Brain Barrier and Its Modulation by Trans-Cranial Current Stimulation - Bingmei Fu (The City College of New York)
  • Cerebral Parenchymal Arteriolar Dilation and Cognitive Function in Hypertension - Anne Dorrance (Michigan State University)
  • Therapeutic Vascularization for Tissue Regeneration - (Sara Nunes de Vasconcelos, University of Toronto)
  • Gonadal Hormone Loss and Obesity-Induced Lymphatic Leakage: Epigenetic Mechanisms - Flavia Souza-Smith (Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - New Orleans)

Also, Don’t Miss the Landis Award Lecture, the Kaley Award Featured Topic Session, and the Saturday Night Poster Reception!