Zweifach Student Travel Award

Named in honor of Founding Society Member, two-time President, and pioneer of the field of microcirculation and bioengineering, who combined engineering principles with medicine to describe the mechanical properties of the microvasculature, tissue-specific vascular anatomies, microvessel fluid dynamics, lymphatics, and their application to human disease.

These awards, consisting of a certificate and $750, are given annually to up to ten exceptional scientists-in-training to encourage their participation in the annual meeting of the Microcirculatory Society (part of the EB2017 meeting in Chicago). Applicants must have submitted a first author abstract to one of the Microcirculatory Society topic categories at Experimental Biology 2017 (1040-APS through 1054-APS).


  • must be graduate student
  • must be MCS student member
  • must complete the application form (click here)
  • submit a copy of submitted abstract and a letter of support from your supervisor to:
    Dr. Phoebe Stapleton,
    Chair of the Awards Committee
Deadline: December 7th, 2018, 5 PM EST

Previous recipients are eligible to reapply.

Photo of Benjamin Zweifach
Benjamin W. Zweifach


Click here to see the 2018 Recipients.