Congratulations to Dr. David Gutterman

Winner of the 2018 Landis Award

An Interview with Dr. Gutterman in 2017 after he received news of the award:

MCS to DG- "What was your initial reaction upon reading Shayn's congratulatory email?"
DG- "My first emotion was surprise and elation  Those feelings settled into a strong sense of gratitude toward my 'professional family'. There are so many scientists more deserving of this award, that being considered (let alone selected) is quite an incredible honor.  This is the sustaining emotion that I continue to feel today."

MCS to DG- "Who was the first person you told and why?"

DG- "I called my mother first, but then told my wife and children.  They are my support group. Even though they did not know about the Landis award, they could appreciate how much it meant to me to receive the congratulatory letter."

You can the latest publication by Dr. Gutterman at the time of this interview entitled, "Roles of NADPH oxidase and mitochondria in flow-induced vasodilation of human adipose arterioles: ROS-induced ROS release in coronary artery disease" in the August 2017 issue of Microcirculation.